Monday, February 23, 2015

Melting chocolate puddings.


Serves: 4
    Prep. time: 3½ minutes
    Cook time: 1½ minutes
    Total time: Less than 30 Minutes
    Syns per serving: 9


  1.     4 tbsp granulated artificial sweetener, plus 1 tsp for the sauce
  2.     60g low fat spread suitable for cooking (such as Anchor Spreadable Lighter)
  3.     60g self-raising flour
  4.     4 level tbsp cocoa powder
  5.     2 eggs
  6.     Low calorie cooking spray


    Cream together the sweetener and spread, Add the flour, half the cocoa and the eggs and mix to form a batter.

    Spray four individual pudding basins with low calorie cooking spray and pour the batter into them. Cover with clingfilm, place in a microwave and cook on medium for 1½ minutes. Leave to rest for 1 minute
    Meanwhile make the sauce: place the remaining cocoa and sweetener in a pan with 200ml water and heat, stirring continuously, until thickened. Turn the puddings out on to serving plates and serve with the sauce poured over.


  1. If you use rice flour it becomes gluten free.

  2. If you use rice flour it becomes gluten free.

  3. Looks like a melting pud on pic but sauce poured over? not exactly what it says on recipe