Saturday, November 21, 2015

berry fruit jelly trifle


Serves: 10
Prep time: 15 minutes plus cooling and chilling
Ready in: Less than 30 Minutes
Syns per serving:4


  1.     4 x 11.5g sachets sugar free raspberry jelly crystals
  2.     800g mixed fresh berries, plus extra to garnish
  3.     850g low fat custard
  4.     600g fat free natural fromage frais
  5.     1 tsp vanilla essence
  6.     2 tbsp sweetener
  7.     Finely grated orange zest and 1 level tsp cocoa powder, to decorate

  •     Make the jelly according to the packet instructions and allow to cool.
  •     Place the fruit in the base of a 2-litre glass bowl and pour over the cooled jelly mixture. Chill for 4-5 hours or until just set.
  •     When the jelly is set, pour the custard over the top.
  •     Whisk the fromage frais with the vanilla essence and sweetener and, using a spoon, swirl it over the custard.
  •     Decorate the trifle with the orange zest and dust lightly with the cocoa powder. 

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  1. The recipe does not match the picture, what about the Swiss roll??