Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Red wine and basil beef bolognese.

Serves 4
Syns per portion: 1 (+ HEXa for cheese)

100mls Red wine (4 syns)
500g Extra lean minced beef
125g Chopped chestnut mushrooms
2 Slices of lean smoked bacon, cut into small strips
2 Diced onions
3 Tbsp Tomato Puree
2 Beef stock pots or cubes
1 Tbsp Garlic powder (or fresh garlic alternative)
A splash of balsamic vinegar
A handful of basil leaves
A small handful of flat-leaf parsley
200ml Boiling water
30g Cheese per person (optional HEXa)


Step 1: In a large frying pan on a moderate to high heat, brown the onions, mushrooms, bacon using fry light. Once browned, add the meat along with 1 stock cube or pot, the garlic powder and fresh basil.

Step 2: Once the meat is fully browned, add the red wine and tomato puree and stir. It’ll make a weird paste, simmer that for a minute or two whilst adding the other stock cube to 200ml boiling water. Add the stock and cook until sauce reduces, if it looks a bit runny add some tomato puree, if it looks a bit thick, add some water and season with salt and pepper if you like.

Step 3: Once sauce is reduced it’s effectively good to eat, but I like to place it in a preheated oven in a small baking dish for about 30 minutes, just to give it a little more richness. Top with the cheese, sprinkle some basil and parsley!

This is a great batch cooking recipe and serving it with spinach is a great way to get even more superfree. I served mine with spinach, wholewheat spaghetti and my ‘Healthy Extra A’ portion of cheese. Totally delish!

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