Sunday, December 25, 2016

Strawberry Santas

Serves: 12
Ready in: Less than 30 Minutes
Suitable for vegetarians
Syns per serving:  FREE

Claire Orr from Tyne & Wear sent us this fab festive finger-food idea. She says "My strawberry Santas are a brilliant idea for a Christmas party buffet as they're quick to make, eye-catching, super sweet and Free."


  •     ½ tub Quark
  •     2-3 tbsp sweetener
  •     12 strawberries
  •     24 chocolate balls (cake decorations)

    In a bowl, mix together the Quark and sweetener.

    Cut the bottom off the strawberries (pointed bit) to create Santa's hat. Spoon or pipe the Quark mixture on top of each strawberry and down the front (to create his head and beard) and place the hat back on.

    Add two little chocolate balls to make his eyes and serve as soon as possible.

Tip: Chef's tip: 1 tsp of chocolate balls is 1 Syn so if you’re being super-careful with your Syns please count the chocolate balls used for eyes. As it’s Christmas and they’re super-cute – we’ve classed them as Free.

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